Butterfly Fields

Butterfly Fields Foundation is dedicated to helping children and young people thrive in their
local communities by providing grants to local organisations and youth clubs. We aim to
increase the provision of much-needed children’s services and activities to give them the childhood they deserve.

We are putting strength and unity back into our children’s community.

Our Mission

Butterfly Fields Foundation has noticed a spike in technological-based screen time amongst our children and youth, and we want to challenge and empower you to put the screens down and bring back social…and we don’t mean social media! Get outside, play with the neighbourhood children, and seize the many experiences life has to offer, for yourself, and in honour of all of the children who didn’t have the chance to make the best of these opportunities!

When you tell your children and grandchildren, and nieces and nephews, about the things that you did as a child, how much of those memories were based around watching tv or having screen time? Were you spending a lot of time with screens and technology, or were you outside playing with the neighbourhood children until the streetlights came on?

It All Adds Up!

According to Ofcom, there are some pretty alarming statistics around children’s media use. As a parent or guardian, it can be easy to let your child watch TV while prepping dinner or tidying up the house, or just taking a moment to yourself, but have you thought about how much all of those small doses of screen time add up to?

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Our Story

Butterfly Fields Foundation was founded by friends Amy Wilkinson and Jo Knight. Amy Wilkinson’s daughter passed away in 2009 after the sudden onset of Burkitts Lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer. She was just six years old. 2017 marked Maddie’s 15th birthday, which prompted Wilkinson and Knight to found Butterfly Fields Foundation in Maddie’s honour.

Meet Maddie: the Inspiration Behind Butterfly Fields Foundation

The Facts

Aged 3-7
Children aged 3-7 spend the highest proportion of their media time per week watching TV on a TV set, followed by going online and, then, playing games.

Aged 8-11
Children aged 8-22 spend approximately 13.5 hours per week watching TV on a TV set and using the internet, followed by approximately 10 hours per week spent gaming and using a mobile phone.

Aged 12-15
Children aged 12-15 spend the most time per week online (nearly 21 hours), followed by using a mobile phone (approximately 18 hours), and then watching TV on a TV set (more than 14 hours); they also spend approximately 12 hours gaming.

Now What?

If those statistics had you gulping and a bit shocked, you are not alone. Butterfly Fields Foundation is committed to empowering children of all ages (and their adult counterparts too!) to put their screens down, one screen at a time, to get outside and LIVE life. Join our mission, and let’s bring back social!

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"Children don’t remember their best day of television"