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The Butterfly Fields Foundation has always believed that the children are our future and that we have to create a wonderful world for them to live in.

But what if our daily routine is actually harming our children?

Children nowadays are rarely seen without tablets or smartphones. Not all kids have the chance to live their lives fully – as children.
Maddie, a sassy 6-year old girl who loves butterflies and the movie High School Musical, was robbed of her future by an aggressive cancer called Burkitts Lymphoma.

Maddie had so much life to live, and things to learn and experience but having Lymphoma erased all of that.

Our vision is to help children – through their parents – to unplug from technology and enjoy being children.

We look forward to bringing children to youth clubs, community groups, brownies, scouts, and the like.

Are you an organization who has the same vision as us?

Do you like to help children experience being children?

Do you want to see children raised in a nurturing community?

Then, contact us today! We would love to discuss how we can help your organization, and find out what you need in order to be supported through your program.