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The Butterfly Fields Foundation has always believed that the children are our future and that we have to create a wonderful world for them to live in.

Have you ever looked at the children around you and thought to yourself, “Do they EVER put down their screens? Do they ever unplug?”

We have.

The great news is that you can join the Butterfly Fields Foundation and help us change that. You have the power to change the future of the children in your community for the better. You have the power to engage them in social activities like youth clubs, community groups, brownies, scouts, and such.

But what about the parents who don’t have the financial ability to fund extracurricular activities? What about the communities who don’t have social activities to offer?

Maddie, a sassy 6-year old girl who loves butterflies and the movie High School Musical, loved taking advantage of everything that life had to offer her, but was robbed of her future by an aggressive cancer called Burkitts Lymphoma. Just like Maddie, there are hundreds, even thousands, of children that didn’t have the chance to live their childhood.

We don’t want to lose our children to technology; we want to nurture them, have them engage with other children, and have them experience their childhood without a care in the world. If finances are the main thing standing in these childrens’ way, isn’t it our responsibility as adults contributing to society to help alleviate that burden?

It’s not too late

Whether you are a parent who shifted your views on raising up your children in a healthy manner, a person with no children but shares the same vision with us, or just like Maddie’s parents – lost their child to a tragic circumstance, you can still help make this vision a reality!

We have partnered with organizations who share our beliefs, and we would love your help! Contact us today and make a difference in the lives of many and the generations to come.