Get Involved with Butterfly Fields Foundation

Our Over the moon campaigns


We're challenging schools to become more active and engaged within the community. We are encouraging people to ditch their car and “Walk Over the Moon”!


We're challenging corporations to support local communities and schools in their quest to become more active and engaged within the community.


What can you really do with £1? We all go for coffee runs or grab a biscuit on our break to hurriedly eat at our desk, and rarely think twice about spending that money.


We want to encourage children to put down their screens and we want them to seize their opportunity at life in honour of those who don’t or haven’t been able to.

We're grateful for your support

Butterfly Fields Foundation knows that there are a lot of high-quality and worthy charities that you could choose to support. We want you to know that each and every donation, of any denomination, means the world to us. We are passionate about empowering our children to get out there and live their lives, for their own benefit, as well as in honour of those who have not had the opportunity.

On behalf of Maddie and team Butterfly Fields Foundation, thank you!