Grant Making Criteria

Eligible organisations and projects

The trustees will consider applications from eligible organisations and institutions provided that the project for which financing is sought is designed to improve the physical, educational, and emotional well-being of young people up to the ages of 20 living in the North West. In keeping with the Butterfly Fields Foundation vision, to give every child access to affordable community activities.


Organisations and institutions applying for funding should be established and full disclosure of the projects must be provided. New organisations will be considered providing there is an adequate business plan or projection forecast provided. Applications are expected to address needs for which resources available through public funding are not available or adequate.

We do not have a definite upper or lower limit on grants. However, larger organisations must be aware that we may reject applications from bigger organisations and institutions that already have much greater access to larger grants than Butterfly Fields Foundation. Our policy is to focus on smaller, local projects where our funding will be significant.

Trustees will expect to see evidence as to how the service will become on going and sustainable after the initial Butterfly Fields Foundation investment. Funding is project-based: we will only fund a project for a defined period of time, which is limited to three years maximum.

Applications from educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities will not be considered. The trustees will consider proposals for collaborative projects involving nationwide partners and agencies. Organisations whose sole purpose is to raise funds and who are not themselves involved in the provision on charitable services will not be considered.


Applicants must be able to demonstrate a commitment to the Foundations values of:

  • Equality of opportunity
  • Integrity
  • Tolerance
  • Respect and understanding

If the project involves working directly with children or vulnerable groups, the trustees will wish to be assured that proper procedures are in place to protect those concerned.

Where an application involves a co-funder, the trustees must be satisfied that the co-funding organisation shares the Butterfly Fields Foundations values.

Organisations that promote a particular religion or faith will not be considered. This is not intended to rule out applications from faith-based organisations and institutions, but evidence will be required that there is no faith restriction in the organisations’ admission and/or employment policy.


The trustees will require evidence that the project proposed offers value for money. Alternative quotes must be provided for all equipment and services.

Applications will be particularly welcome where organisations and institutions can demonstrate match funding or contribution in kind.


In giving grants, Butterfly Fields Foundation requires the recipient organisation or institution to accept all risk and liabilities associated with the project. This will be a condition of the grant and evidence to support this will be sort by the trustees.



Eligible Organisations
We only fund established organisations and institutions. New groups may apply, providing they can show a business plan or projection forecast. We do not fund individuals.

Organisations Actual Income
We do not fund organisations with an average income of below £5000 per annum.

Primary Role
We do not fund organisations whose main purpose is fundraising and who are not themselves involved in the provision of charitable services.

Type of Project
We do not fund ongoing programmes unless these are entering a distinct new phase of development. The project must fall into one of the following categories:
– New project
– Distinct new phases of development
– Pilot project

Project Objectives
Projects will be funded providing they are designed to improve the physical, education and emotional well-being of young people up the age of 20 living within the North West.
Giving every child access to affordable activities.

Age of Beneficiaries
We do not fund projects where the main beneficiaries are over the age of 20

Ineligible project
Projects that fall outside of our criteria, not limited to:
– Travel costs
– School, colleges or universities
– One-off events
– Conferences
– Expeditions and overseas travel
– Ongoing programs
– Research projects
– Salaries
– General running costs
– Individual projects
– The arts (unless where used as a means of education and/or emotional development