This is Our Story

Butterfly Fields Foundation was founded by friends Amy Wilkinson and Jo Knight. Amy Wilkinson’s daughter passed away in 2009 after the sudden onset of Burkitts Lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer. She was just six years old. 2017 marked Maddie’s 15th birthday, which prompted Wilkinson and Knight to found Butterfly Fields Foundation in Maddie’s honour.

Prior to founding Butterfly Fields Foundation, Wilkinson and Knight, along with their friends and family, had been involved in various charity events. They were then inspired to launch their own charity; the concept behind the Butterfly Fields Foundation is to provide assistance to community projects aimed at improving physical, educational, and emotional development for young people. Butterfly Fields Foundation wants to empower and create the opportunity for young people to get out and experience parts of life that Maddie didn’t have the chance to experience.

Butterfly Fields Foundation became a registered charity in November 2017.