Why Join in the Butterfly Fields Foundation Movement?

Butterfly Fields Foundation is a crucial movement of our time. Never before have children been so disconnected from the real world and connected to screens and technology. While they will learn and develop skills that will help carve out their future from using technology, they still need to develop their social and life skills. Skills and experiences that cannot be found behind a screen.

If the screen time is not of a concern for you, an additional concern that Butterfly Fields Foundation helps to address is the decreased physical activity that children engage in. A decrease in physical activity can lead to a number of troubling health concerns, as well as contribute to isolation, the sense of loneliness, and depression. According to Sustrans.org, children aged five and older should be engaging in a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day. Unfortunately, according to the UK Government, the percentage of children meeting or exceeding this guideline as they move into primary school drops by 40%. Interestingly enough, a whopping 93% of children have stated that they enjoy being physically active, and a large number of those children cited being physically active as having a positive impact on being happier, more confident, and more sociable.

With numbers so clearly supporting the positive impact that physical activity has on both children’s overall health, as well as their mindset, why are we as a society allowing them to have access to so much screen time?

It’s time to make a change.

“The outdoors is the original Playstation”